Game Bits

This little section is for In-Progress ideas that I have for anything board game related. Either original concepts or redesign/alt art type edits. I’ll also include any game modifications here.

Space Ex Game

Planetary cards for a space exploration game. The general concept is to explore a star system, catalog the planets, and develop colonies or mining outposts.
The images have been edited for color and size but are NOT my artwork, they are placeholders. The layout design and graphics are mine, and the star charts are public domain.

Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game (Card Redesign)

This is another work in progress. I’m redesigning the layout of the cards for personal use. Mostly I’m trying to have some unique custom cards in my set for when I go to my local gamin spot. The artwork and icons are NOT mine, but the layout elements were created by me in Photoshop.